Here in Krakow the concentration of restaurants in a small space is unmatched in this part of Europe – but also in Krakow feasting outside the home is deeply anchored in local traditions, historically the custom of the former Imperial and Royal Galicia. Even earlier – it is here, with the court of Queen Bona, that innovations in 16th-century European cuisine were brought to Poland. It is from Krakow that the unique bagels come, famous since the Middle Ages, and in 2010 listed as a protected product. From the mountains of Małopolska come bundz and sheep cheese – the tastiest Polish contribution to the European tradition of cheese-making. Among the dozens of Polish culinary brands protected by the European Union, a quarter comes from Galicia, from Zator carp to Lisiecka sausage: in the Kingdom of Polish cuisine, Krakow and Małopolska feature prominently.


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