International Union of Phlebology UIP was established in 1959 on March 24th. The first  UIP World Congress was held in Chambéry in France in 1960, the last one in 2018 in Melbourne in Australia. In the meantime, many Phlebological Societies and Associations joined UIP which is now the biggest phlebology forum in the world, connecting the Phlebologists from many countries and continents.  
The aims of the INTERNATIONAL UNION of  PHLEBOLGY are to: 
  1. Strengthen the links between the societies or associations, either existing or to be created, which have a special interest in the study and the therapy of venous disorders;
  2. To promulgate recommendations on the teaching of phlebology as well as the training and continuing medical education of phlebologists; to promote consensus on all aspects of venous disorders; to encourage studies and research on disorders of venous origin;
  3. To promote joint meetings or international congresses;
  4. To encourage the creation and activities of national societies or associations and to encourage them to join the UNION INTERNATIONALE DE PHLEBOLOGIE


Nick MORRISON - President
Kurosh PARSI - President-Elect
Victor CANATA - Vice-President
Sergio GIANESINI - Vice-President
Lowell KABNICK - Vice-President
Dong-Ik KIM - Vice-President
Lorenzo TESSARI -Vice-President
Mark MEISSNER - General Secretary
Malay PATEL -Assistant General Secretary
Paul THIBAULT - Treasurer
Oscar BOTTINI- Education Committee Chair
Andrew BRADBURY - Scientific Standardization Committee Chair